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Albany/Schenectady Insurance Types

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Personal Insurance

Automobile Insurance
Homeowners Insurance
Watercraft Insurance
Motorcycle Insurance
Snowmobile Insurance
Umbrella Insurance
Life Insurance
Renters Insurance
Flood Insurance
Mortgage Insurance

Business Insurance

Business Owner Insurance
Commercial Auto Insurance
Errors & Ommissions Insurance
General Liability
Landlord Insurance
Flood Insurance

Automobile Insurance

It is almost impossible to affordably own a vehicle without car insurance. No one is invincible and accidents and damages can be very costly. It is important to make sure you have adequate coverage the not only fits your lifestyle, but also your wallet. At the very least, most states require that you carry auto liability coverage, but it important for your own benefit to have a policy that has much more.

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  • Medical Payments / Personal Injury Protection
  • Bodily Injury Liability
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Property Damage Liability
  • Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Coverage

An auto insurance policy actually consists of several different coverages. Required in most states, it is something all drivers must posses.

Liability Insurance
This coverage is the basis of all auto insurance policies, and the minimum required in most states. If you’re found at fault in an accident, liability insurance pays for the injury and property damage expenses of the third party involved in the accident. Property damage pays for the replacement or repair of anything that was damaged. Bodily injury expenses cover lost wages and medical bills. If you cause a major accident, your current or potential coverage may not cover you sufficiently. It is a safe bet to buy more than the minimum required by your state.

If you’re found at fault in an accident, collision coverage will cover expenses needed to repair your vehicle. Collision coverage is usually the most expensive component of an auto insurance policy, although it isn’t required. Insurance companies might proclaim your car a “total loss” if the repairs exceed the market value of the car. When this occurs, the insurance company will pay you the actual cash value, minus the deductable. From there your car is off to an auction where it will be sold for parts or scrap.

Decrease in value because of age/wear on vehicle.

Actual Cash Value (ACV)
The value of your car when it is damaged or destroyed. Insurance companies figure the ACV by subtracting the depreciation from the replacement cost.

Comprehensive coverage will pay for damages to your vehicle that were not caused by an accident. This includes fire, vandalism, theft, natural disaster, and even animals. Depending on the damage, the insurance company will pay the cars worth right before the incident. This is also optional coverage.

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Homeowners Insurance

Download our Home Policy Protection Checklist

A homeowners insurance policy is basically a contract you make with an insurance company. In exchange for your premium, the insurance company will pay for financial losses related to your home or your property during the period of the contract. The insurance company also agrees to pay for damages resulting from injuries or damage to other people for which you are held legally responsible. When you’re searching for homeowners insurance, you’ll want to shop for the type of policy that will fit your needs best, with adequate protection for your valuable possessions and supplemental coverage to protect against natural disasters that are not covered in your basic policy. If you’re like most people, the owner of the mortgage of the home will require homeowners insurance. Let us at Hopmeier Evans Gage Insurance work with you to find the right coverage page. Contact us today!

Homeowners Insurance package policy covers the following:

  • The structure of your home
  • Your personal belongings
  • Liability protection
  • Additional living expenses should you be displaced from your home due to disaster

Basic homeowners insurance covers 11 types of disasters:

  • Aircraft
  • Explosion
  • Fire / Lightning
  • Volcano Eruption
  • Theft
  • Wind / Hail
  • Vandalism
  • Smoke
  • Falling Objects

Floods, earthquakes, war, nuclear blasts and normal wear and tear are excluded from homeowner’s insurance coverage. However supplemental policies can be purchased to cover floods and earthquakes.
Other packages and additions available:

  • Renters Insurance
  • Landlord Insurance
  • Condominium Coverage
  • Flood Insurance
  • Homes With Historical Value
  • Mobile Home Coverage
  • Earthquake Insurance

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Watercraft Insurance

When you’re out on the waterways, there’s always a chance that something might go wrong. We hope it doesn’t, but the most important thing you can do is make sure you’re covered if it does.

Things to Consider About Watercraft Insurance:

Medical Payments Coverage
Medical coverage typically helps take care of eligible medical expenses as defined in your policy. The limit you choose for this coverage will decide how much coverage you will have.

Physical Damage Coverage
When something goes wrong, good boat insurance coverage can mean all the difference in the world. It can be the difference between sinking and surviving. This optional coverage is typically designed to take care of your boat, motor, and trailer all the time. Our agents will help you determine the right amount of physical damage coverage for each boat on your policy. You will also need to choose a deductible, the amount you would pay on a claim before your policy kicks in.

Liability Coverage
If you’re involved in an accident, there’s a good chance another person or another watercraft is involved. And if you’re at fault, you’ll need liability coverage. Unfortunately, sometimes it only takes a minute to turn a good day into a bad one. And when the unexpected happens, liability coverage typically makes a big difference. It’s an important part of your watercraft policy.

If you plan to spend time on the water, you need to plan for the unexpected. Enjoy your time on the boat, but protect what you’ve worked hard to get by including adequate Liability Coverage. If you or someone else in your household has a boating accident that injures someone else (including a swimmer or water skier) or damages someone else’s watercraft or dock, you’ll feel better knowing that you have coverage in place to help manage the situation. You can choose a lot of liability coverage or a little – it’s up to you. We’ll show you what coverage and limits may be available and how to get the maximum personalized protection you need. Whether you’re a lifelong boater or just getting started, it’s always a good idea to take a close look at your new or existing marine policy. We can help.

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Motorcycle Insurance

10 Reasons To Contact Us For Your Motorcycle Insurance

  1. Shocked at your renewal increase, while others are saving hundreds on their insurance?
  2. We do the shopping for you so you always get the best deal.
  3. We use the rating technology.
  4. Custom Parts Coverage.
  5. Our 100% Triple Client Satisfaction Guarantee.
  6. One stop shopping – SIX different insurance companies available for motorcycle coverage!
  7. Free consumer reports (Car, Home, Business) and client newsletters.
  8. As an independent agency we work for you, not an insurance company. Can Your Current Agent Say This?
  9. OEM parts, optional coverage
  10. There are differences in policies, just like between a V-Rod and an Ultra Glide.

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Snowmobile Insurance

Having the right snowmobile insurance covers you and others on your sled. Having an agent that can help make sure that coverage is correct and explained to you is where we come in. We want you to enjoy your rides without worrying about the “what ifs.” Let us prepare you for the unexpected with the right coverage.

Snowmobile Insurance Coverage can help with:

  • Bodily Injury
  • Lost Wages
  • Property Damage
  • Collisions
  • Unexpected events such as floods, vandalism, theft, etc.

Snowmobile InsuranceCoverage is triggered or started when the person that ran into you and is at fault for the accident does not have any liability insurance or they only have the state minimum required to ride on state trails. Sometimes, the small choices in life make ALL the difference later. Do not be fooled, the buying of cut- rate, striped down insurance policy might not be the best choice. If it is, great, we will tell you. Heck, we can even sell it to you that way. However, you should be aware of what is available to protect you. The wrong descission here, and the wrong coverage can affect you for a life time.

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Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance refers to a liability insurance policy that protects the assets and future income of the policyholder above and beyond the standard limits on their primary policies. Umbrella Insurance is distinguished from excess insurance in that excess coverage goes into effect only when all underlying policies are totally exhausted, while umbrella is able to “drop down” to fill coverage gaps in underlying policies. Therefore, an umbrella policy can become the primary policy “on the risk” in certain situations. The term “umbrella” refers to how the policy shields the insured’s assets more broadly than primary coverage. Typically, an umbrella insurance policy is pure liability coverage over and above the coverage afforded by the regular policy, and is sold in increments of one million dollars.

Do You Have Enough Liability Insurance?
Imagine if your dog were to bite a neighbor’s child. Or if there’s an accident on your rental property. Or a fire in your condo spreads to other units. What would happen if you or a family member missed a stop sign and struck and killed a pedestrian? If any of these things happened to you, there’s a good chance your current liability limits wouldn’t be adequate to protect your assets—or your future earnings.

Lawsuits Are Not Limited to Your Net Worth
A lot of factors determine the amount of coverage you need. Your financial status, lifestyle, and existing coverage are all relevant, but in liability lawsuits, judgements can exceed net worth. Give us a call today to determine what’s right for you.

Liability Insurance Starts When the Others Stop
Once the liability limits are exhausted on your home, auto, or other policy your Umbrella policy takes over and provides a second layer of protection of at least $1,000,000. Higher limits are available.

Broad Coverages
An umbrella insurance policy also pays some claims not covered by your home, auto, or other underlying insurance. The policy covers not just you but your spouse and all family members living in your household anywhere in the world. Legal defense fees are also paid.

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Life Insurance

Give yourself peace of mind and protect those that matter most to you.
NY Life insurance is a crucial step in planning for your future and the future of your loved ones. It can fulfill promises made to your family if you are no longer around by providing a death benefit to your beneficiaries in return for premiums paid to the insurance company. NY life insurance can also provide benefits while you are living.

Advantages of the Death Benefit:

  • Provides income tax-free money to your named beneficiary(s) that can be used to pay funeral expenses, debt, tuition, estate taxes, or virtually any financial need you leave behind.
  • Can provide New York business security by enabling partners to buy out the interests of a deceased partner and prevent a forced liquidation.

Term life insurance in New York provides life insurance protection for a specified period of time. If you don’t currently have life insurance, term can be a good place to start. It’s generally less expensive than permanent life insurance, and is available in varying term periods with fixed premiums from a one- (annual renewable term) to 20-year period (level term). Term insurance can sometimes be converted to permanent coverage, providing you with flexibility as your needs change.

Whole Life Insurance is a form of permanent life insurance that remains in force during the insured person’s lifetime, provided the premiums are paid as specified in the policy. Whole life insurance can build cash value.

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Renters Insurance

Protect Your Possessions When You Rent. You may be surprised to learn that your landlord is not necessarily responsible for any damages to your personal property if there’s a fire, flood, vandalism or burglary. And, even if someone’s injured in your apartment, you may be liable for their damages, not your landlord.

It Only Costs a Little to Protect a Lot
The good news is that renters insurance costs less than you think–and it covers a lot. In fact, about 50¢ a day can help buy renters insurance protection for tomorrow. We can help you protect your things, big and small, from the unexpected and help safeguard your savings from personal liability. A renters policy will protect your personal property the same way it would if you owned a home. Ask us about what level of coverage is right for you.

Coverage Options
A renters policy will protect your personal property the same way it would if you owned a home. Ask me about what level of coverage is right for you. Learn the basics of which coverage options protect you and your valuables, as well as the discount and savings opportunities available to you, CALL to discuss them over the phone.

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Flood Insurance

Flood insurance in NY provides protection for destruction and financial devastation caused by floods. Although it may not seem like much, even a few inches of water can cause damage, resulting in thousands of dollars in repair and restoration costs. Homeowners insurance does not typically cover floods. Purchasing North York Flood insurance through Hopmeier Evans & Gage Insurance Group can protect you.Although it may not seem as necessary as homeowners insurance, flood insurance is important if you plan on keeping your home safe and your possessions secure. Flood coverage offers protection against losses that result from heavy and lengthy rain falls, storm surges, blocked storm drainage systems, snow melts, etc.

Different types of policies are available based on your property’s location and flood history:

  • Standard Flood Insurance Policies
    If you live in a community that participates in the NFIP, your building and its contents can be covered by a Standard Flood Insurance policy. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) was established by the Federal Government to help communities who “voluntarily participate in the NIFP by adopting and enforcing floodplain management ordinances to reduce future flood damage.” To be considered a flood, the waters must cover at least two acres or affect at least two properties. You must apply for building coverage and contents coverage separately if you choose to invest in a Standard Flood Insurance policy.

  • Preferred Risk Policies
    If your home or business is in a low or moderate risk zone, your building may qualify for a low-cost Preferred Risk Policy. While you are not required to purchase flood insurance in low-to-moderate risk areas, a Preferred Risk Policy will protect your home and its contents if you are effected by a small flood, or a larger flood that has extended into your low risk area. In truth, many flood insurance claims occur in low-to-moderate risk areas.

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Mortgage Insurance

We bring together a team of financial planning professionals dedicated to helping you achieve peace of mind in a complex world. The personal check list of goals is SO very important here. As well and State requirements.

How Do I Chose the Right Type of Life Insurance To Protect My Family?

Making a decision about the right type of life insurance to purchase is a very important one. Some of the questions you might have are: (What exactly is life insurance? How does it work? And what is it really for?).

For more information, please go here.

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Business Owner Insurance

Business Owners Policy
Business is unpredictable. The factors that shape your ability to do business are equally unpredictable. While you might have all the necessary liability and commercial policies in place, you may be neglecting one glaring oversight: combining them. A Business Owners Policy, known as BOP, combines the best of liability coverage with the best business coverage to create an over-arching, comprehensive New York insurance policy.

At Hopmeier Evans & Gage Insurance, we are pleased to provide affordable BOP Insurance solutions that can meet all of your unique risk exposures.

What is General Liability Insurance?
If you’re asking yourself this question, chances are you are a business owner and/or operator. Although many Business Owner Policies (BOP) do include liability coverage, it is often not enough to cover the costs that can come along with liability issues. General Liability insurance protects businesses from lawsuits, claims, court costs, etc.

Do You Need General Liability Insurance?
A common misconception of General Liability Insurance is that you have to own a multi-million dollar company in order to purchase it; this is NOT the case. Every business should have additional liability coverage. All businesses are huge investments and should be protected from the damages of liability issues.

General Liability Insurance covers the assets of a business when it is sued for injury, property damage, mistakes, etc. Basically, it protects the wellbeing of your business.

Contact us today to discuss your situation.

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Commercial Auto Insurance

If you’re a business owner/operator, than you probably have a Business Owner’s Policy. One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is assuming that a BOP will cover everything. There are many separate policies that every business should consider in addition to their BOP.

A prime example of this would be Commercial Auto Insurance. Sure, it seems logical that your average BOP would include coverage for the cars used by your company, but this is not the case. In order to get insurance for company vehicles, business owners must purchase a Commercial Auto Insurance policy.

Typically, coverage under a Commercial Auto policy has limits of $1,000,000. Policies must have liability coverage attached to them as well. For example, a policy with $1,000,000 worth of coverage generally has AT LEAST $100,000 of liability coverage. Commercial Auto coverage can also protect businesses that have drivers who do not qualify as employees. If your business has non-employees operating its vehicles from time to time, you should add what is called Non-Owned/Non-Hired coverage to your Commercial Auto policy. This covers people who do not work for you, but may drive a company car. This also protects people who drive personal vehicles for business use.

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Errors & Ommissions Insurance

Could your business run into these situations?
A freight forwarder sends a shipment to South America instead of South Africa. It’s a time-sensitive shipment, and the freight forwarder’s client loses a sale worth thousands of dollars. Who pays the loss?

A wedding planner reserves the reception hall, the band, and the caterers for May 22 instead of May 29. Everyone shows up except for the wedding party and guests. Who pays?

What is Errors & Omissions Insurance?
Errors & omissions insurance, or “E&O,” covers you or your company when a client holds you responsible for a service that you provided (or failed to provide) that did not have the expected or promised results. In short, it’s coverage that protects against mistakes. It provides protection for you in the event that a mistake on your part has caused a financial loss for your client.

A company that chooses not to purchase E&O coverage is taking a serious financial risk. These types of losses are not covered under a general liability policy, and even if you aren’t at fault, litigation is both time-consuming and expensive. As with any insurance, the best time to buy an E&O policy is before the risk is taken. Customers will also feel secure knowing that if an error occurs, they will be compensated.Most E&O policies cover judgments, settlements, and defense costs. Even if the allegations are found to be groundless, thousands of dollars may be needed to defend the lawsuit. They can bankrupt a smaller company or individual and have a lasting effect on the bottom line of larger companies. If you’re in any business where you provide a service to a client for a fee, you’re subject to E&O exposure. Even with the best employees and the best risk management, there is room for human error. No one is perfect.

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General Liability

Coming Soon

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Landlord Insurance

Rental properties are important investments and often valuable sources of income. What would happen if the buildings you own were damaged? In addition, what if a tenant or guest was injured on your property?
A landlord insurance policy can help protect landlords with smaller properties – from single-family homes up to four-family rental units.

In addition to property and liability coverage, a landlord insurance policy provides for special risks landlords may face, like:

  • Damage to your property
  • Damages you could be legally obligated to pay
  • Legal counsel and fees
  • Up to 12 months of lost rental income

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