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Helpful Insurance Tips

New York Drivers Will Get Points for Talking on Cell Phones

Beginning February 15th, New York drivers who are caught talking on their cell phones without a headset will gain two points on their driving records — which means higher insurance costs.

The New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) announced the change this week. Previously, no points were assigned for talking on a cell phone although two points are assigned for texting while driving violations. The new regulation will align the point penalty for both violations.

‘Distracted driving is one of the most serious dangers on our roadways today,’ said J. David Sampson, DMV executive deputy commissioner. By strengthening the current law, our hope is that motorists will become even more aware of the potential consequences of their actions if they use a cell phone while driving.”

In 2009, a law eliminating the use of portable electronic devices for texting while driving took effect, a violation that currently has two points attached to it along with a $150 fine.

20% of all crashes in New York involve driver distraction, officials say. Each year over 300,000 tickets are issued statewide for cell phone violations. DON’T DO IT, take the no phone/text pledge. First start looking around you while you are at a stop light and notice ALL the drivers with the head down , what do you think they are doing? Think about this, with all these other drivers texting while driving, YOU better not be so you have a chance to avoid their accident!


Earthquake in Northeast

The U.S. Geological Survey reports a magnitude 2.6 earthquake struck Thursday night near Contoocook, N.H. The 9:07 p.m. quake was 2.54 miles deep and centered about 110 miles from Albany.

So, are earth quakes covered by your home insurance, business insurance, workers compensation insurance?

Lets looks at the policies individually.

1. Home Insurance in New York -does NOT cover earth quakes or damages caused by them. However, most insurance companies will for a additional premium add this coverage to your home insurance policy. The cost you ask? Sure, well the greater the insurance amount the higher the cost, just like with everything else in life. The average cost I have seen is around $200 additional per year.

2. Business insurance, covered? (see answer #1 – that was easy)

3. Workers Compensation insurance, yes covered. Well let me fully explain with an example. The employee is working at work, and the earth quack strikes causing damage at work. Specifically some ceiling tiles fall during the quake and injure the employee. Yes, workers compensation policy in new york work pay for injuries.

As you know, just call our office with any questions, we are here.


Why would the owners place this trampoline in the street by the trash?

1. The children of the owner and their wild and crazy friends dragged the trampoline out into the street so they could bounce themselves into trash cans.

2. They dragged the trampoline to the street so the children of the owner and their wild and crazy influencing friends could bounce over traffic in the road.

3. The parents and RESPONSIBLE OWNERS of the trampoline are tired of worrying about what crazy irresponsible neighbor will bounce on the trampoline and get gravely injured, then sue them for their assets.

4. The children of the owner dragged the trampoline into the street in order to record a video of bouncing over traffic for YouTube.

5. The parents and responsible party dragged the trampoline to the trash curb to be taken away. Because after Hopmeier Evans Gage Insurance reviewed their current home policy, they found out that trampolines are excluded from any and all coverage on the cheapest home insurance policy that they could find. They realize now that there is a difference in insurance policies and certainly a difference in insurance agents.

Things to remember:

A. Responsible means able to be sued if injuries occur.

B. Price ≠ Cost

C. Not all polices are equal, you need to have Hopmeier Evans Gage Insurance perform their annual policy checkup on you.

D. Legal words have legal meanings and you need our help before you find out you are not covered for things you assume you are.


9 TIps For Tailgates

As the summer heat begins to die down, millions of Americans look forward to the next season on their calendars: football season! Football brings all sorts of seasonal fun, from tailgating to barbeques to Super Bowl parties.

At Hopmeier Evans & Gage, we want your football season to be both exciting and safe, so as you cheer your team to victory, consider the following tips:

1. Keep it clean: Tailgating is one of America’s favorite pastimes! If you’re tailgating, opt for non-breakable, recyclable containers. This will make cleanup easier and help avoid injuries resulting from broken glass.

2. Be smart: Whether you are tailgating, hosting a football-watching party at your house, sitting in the stands or joining your buddies at the local bar, know your limit on alcohol intake and make sure you have a designated driver.

3. Know where you’re going: Pre-plan travel to and from the stadium to avoid getting lost and to make finding parking easier if you drive.

4. Fill those bellies: Whenever alcohol is consumed, make sure food is too!

5. Be weather wise: If you’re heading to the stadium, be sure to prepare for the weather. In colder temperatures, bring layers and blankets (especially if you’re bringing the little ones along). Also, avoid umbrellas if you find yourself in a lightning storm.

6. Keep it close: Whether you’re hitting the live game or the local tavern, be sure to keep your valuables, such as wallets, mobile phones, and purses safe. Also, keep it close to you (better yet, attached) at all times to avoid theft.

More tips from the insurance side of things:

7. Make sure you have adequate auto coverage to cover any contents that may be stolen in the unfortunate event of a break-in at the stadium parking lot.

8. Ensure you have sufficient liability coverage on your homeowner’s policy, as well as medical payments coverage and possibly umbrella coverage. These exist to protect you in the event someone becomes injured while at your house.

9. Consider roadside assistance coverage. In the event your vehicle breaks down or you lock your keys in your car, it can save the day.

Wherever and however you’re watching the game this weekend, we hope you enjoy every last minute. Go team!






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I closed on my new home yesterday. Stacy was amazing. I have a 10 year old daughter who greatly enjoys our trampoline. Stacy did not stop until she found us a homeowners insurance policy that allowed my baby to keep her trampoline and she did this with a lower rate cost than other companies wanted without covering the trampoline. My daughter is beaming with joy as she bounces up an down on our trampoline. Thanks so much Stacy for making my baby and my family happy at a reasonable cost.
Rommy J. Amilivia

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