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Hopmeier Evan Gage Insurance Schenectady Albany

Hopmeier Evan Gage Insurance Schenectady Albany


Charity ride begins. 45 miles completed by 1:30pm. Tomorrow 65 on the road.


Yesterday they found out they are faster than an Amish horse and buggy up hill. They completed 56 miles in the rain and sunshine.




David and Patrick Evans ride across New York State for Cystic Fibrosis 49 miles today. The first 30 were easy, then came the lunch stop. Lunch was chaos, then came the boat ride up through the locks. The 20 minute boat ride turned into 2.5 hrs – The boats started bumping around, coming loose etc. Then the tour boat started the attempted move and more bumping occurred. Finally they let us off the 2.5 hour tour (I felt like Gilligan). The ride continued, now turning to stone dust and pea gravel. The gravel continued for the next 18 miles. For the record, 13 mph on gravel feels like the effort for 20mph. Total riding time 4.5hrs. Time to soak in the pool.

Hopmeier Evan Gage Insurance Schenectady Albany


After our last night in the tent under the skies above, boy did we have a show. One of the most spectacular power shows by nature. Three waves one hour apart, violent thunder-lighting and high winds. There was no blocking the shock waves of light, even with your eyes closed. Patrick ended up putting a shirt over his eyes (like an ostrich). We all weathered it well and now have the proper ending to our story. Patrick and I decided it was like being directly under one of the biggest 4th of July shows.

Left camp at 7:15am now peddling past home base into Albany. Well, we all know most accidents occur with in 5 miles of home or in the bath room. Patrick proved this to be true as well. We were riding down a large hill (which we have ridden many times) speed at 31mph+, I made the turn back onto the path and was enjoying the coast. Looking back, no Patrick at my side. Proceeded to turn around and look for him, was not feeling very good at that point. I had checked mid hill on him and all had been fine. Anyhow, found him riding towards me with his new story. He had needed to bail during the descent – had hit some sand etc he hit the brakes and bailed into the grassy hill – which was to the right – the Left side of the trail was a fence and cliff – so he made a good choice. All is ok, just a good peddle bite on his leg, leaving a good scab and story. The only other discomforts to note for the entire trip, one bee sting -dave, two saddle sores-dave and my pride for walking a 200 yard section of a three part hill, which Patrick reminds me he rode.

Further, two clear minds of any cobwebs. The heat and miles worked them all out. After 8 days outside it feels funny to be inside, it feels cold.
We hope that all have enjoyed the posts and most importantly, remember that people struggle with Cystic Fibrosis daily. The efforts Patrick and I enjoyed all week only further of attention the their struggles.

Elizabeth Nash Foundation

- Dave and Patrick
Hopmeier Evans Gage Insurance
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Very happy with the quality and service that Hopmeier Evans and Gage has to offer!! They listened to what I wanted and then offered suggestions about insurance coverage I should have. They werent pushy salespeople just trying to make the sale, I liked that because to me price isnt everything, you need to have go to people that you can trust and Hopmeier Evans and Gage are those people! Thank you!

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